There is one important factor that has a significant impact on the profit and loss of options settled in Bitcoin, such as on Deribit Exchange. Few discussions have been made on this topic yet.

Let me bring up one question first.

Which Delta should we use?

Delta is an important exposure option traders would look…

PART 2 Contents

6. An introduction to the options order page

7. How to post call options

6. An introduction to the options order page

Let’s look at Screenshot 3 to explain the options order page in detail.

Screenshot 3: An introduction to the options order page

Red Figure 1 in Screenshot 3 at the top: the name of the contract

Red Figure 2 in Screenshot 3:

I. Similarities and differences Between Auto DDH and Advanced Auto DDH

1. A comparison of interfaces

2. Whether dollar-based hedging is supported

3. Selection of hedging contracts

4. Selection of parameters

(1) Deviation Delta

(2) Delta Target

(3) Delta Threshold

(4) Hedging Ratio

II. Cases

Case 1: A hedging ratio…

Many people who are new to cryptocurrency options are overwhelmed by the option quote list. In this series of articles, I will try to answer the question of how to long options to newcomers who do not know the ABC of options.

To minimise the possibility of information overload, this…

How to Close In the Money (ITM) Options

Front-month out of the money (OTM) options and at the money (ATM) options boast the best liquidity out of all options. As options become “in the money (ITM)”, liquidity declines dramatically, and the bid-ask spread gets very wide.

Today’s article will use…

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