There is one important factor that has a significant impact on the profit and loss of options settled in Bitcoin, such as on Deribit Exchange. Few discussions have been made on this topic yet.

Let me bring up one question first.

Which Delta should we use?

Delta is an important exposure option traders would look at frequently to estimate how much profit/loss would occur to them as the underlying drifts.

One can observe THREE Deltas on Deribit’s user interface.

First, on the upper right corner of the interface, it shows that “Delta Total “ is 0.0570.

Pic1 Upper Right Coner, Delta Total

Second, on Futures’ page, check all futures positions and…

📎 Social trading website link:

I. Introduction to the home page

(i) Menu bar

The menu bar in the upper left corner is the integrated part of the main trading site of, including.

(i) Get Deribit API ID and API Key

Step 1

Go to and login your account. Open the menu bar at the top right corner and select My Account/Settings/Transaction Log to enter the menu page.

In the image below, find the Api in the menu expand page and click on it.

Figure 1 Enter the API page in the menu bar

Step 2

Click “Add a new key”.

I. Introduction to Synthetic Knock-in Options

Synthetic Knock-in Options will soon be available on

You can set up a pre-set IV to “knock-in” (buy) options when the underlying price is crossing your target price. This allows you to place an order without keeping an eye on the market.

Currently the most basic version is available, which means:

1️⃣Only IV limit orders are currently supported. We believe that market order can be dangerous and slippage can be huge.

2️⃣Only buy options are currently supported.

3️⃣Only GTC (Good Till Cancel) orders are currently supported.

The reason why we first introduce the most basic version is to ensure…

After a few months’ preparation, we launched Greeks Data Lab on June 10. It graphically displays options data from @Deribit, including Implied Vol, Skew, ATM Term Structure and options flows.

What’s more, there is no login required to access!

And you can be redirected to our trading website by clicking Go to trade button at the top right corner.

So far, there are 8 charts shown on the site, and here is a brief introduction:

The ATM Implied Volatility Chart

It shows how implied volatility of 1 month, 3 months and 6 months ATM options change over time.



Important updates:

💡Greeks bot is available.

Once taker submits inquiry in the system, bot will forward the inquiry link into Telegram group ( Maker could click on that link to directly enter the system. Trade concluded will also be sent into Telegram group by bot, without naming traders.

💡Press “Enter” to submit the quote.

Maker can press “Enter” on keyboard after typing in the price to submit the quote, without clicking green button “quote”.

💡Both and now have api key login and Oauth login methods. But Oauth login method is for main account only.

Thanks for your support!

Greeks.Live Team

We are proud to announce after months of development that the international version of Greeks.Live Web service is now available to our clients worldwide.

You may visit to access this service.

The login will be done through OAuth, i.e. a callback from Deribit authorization or use of an API Key.

Let me introduce some special tools we have brought to the crypto options trading community.

1. One click Delta hedge

This is a popular feature welcomed by the trading community in our Greeks.Live mobile phone application. Now it is available in our web service.

Pic 1 The location of one click Delta hedge

With the help of this tool, traders could easily adjust…

📍Time: UTC+8 1700 26th Feb Saturday (UTC 0900).

📍Expected downtime: up to 5–10 minutes

After maintenance, the international version of Greeks.Live Web service will be available to traders worldwide.

Key functions:
1. One click Delta hedge
2. Equity shows in USD value
3. Standardized Vega
4. Chase and One Click Chase
5. Greeks IV Overview for BTC and ETH

Soon we will publish an article to introduce these functions in detail. Thank you for your support!

Greeks.Live APP version 1.3.3 has been updated!

On the APP homepage, you can now:

  1. Login with your Deribit account
  2. Login by QR Code
  3. Login with API Key
  4. Log out

Other fixes to improve APP performance:

  • Optimize login authorization logic
  • Optimize the display of Options Positions Page
  • Optimize Options Order Book with Show All button
  • Optimize option tab switching

🚩iOS APP download:

🚩Android APP download:

Hope you enjoy our APP! Happy trading! team with love. 💕

Set up the service

Step 1

Visit Log into your Deribit account. Stay on the main account page.

Note: Please visit instead of because the authorization needed for Greeks.Live Auto DDH service needs to be done through the former site.

Pic.1 Deribit Main Account

Step 2

Open a new tab in same browser and enter

Alternatively, visit Click “Auto DDH” on the upper side of the page, and a new page asking for “Authorize Application” will pop out. Stay logged in as the main account. Click the green button “APPROVE” to proceed.

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