Social Trading website users’ guide

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I. Introduction to the home page

(i) Menu bar

The menu bar in the upper left corner is the integrated part of the main trading site of, including.

• Trades

  • Basic trading: trading website
  • Block trading: block trading website

• Smart Tools.

  • Data Lab
  • Advanced trading tools: including Auto DDH, synthetic knock-in options, auto delivery tools, etc.

• Newcomer’s Guide.

• Social Trading Plaza: The following will be introduced in detail.

(ii) Other parts of the home page

Top right corner of the home page is the personal center and switch language area (or login and registration button when you are not logged in).

Middle of home page is the intelligent social trading recommendation, where we will recommend social trading data of some popular KOLs and active traders.

Below the home page is the introduction of and APP download QR code.

II. Introduction of Social Trading Plaza

(i) Registration

Click the Sign up button on the top right corner of the home page to enter the registration page.

(ii) Sign in

After registration, click the Sign in button on the top right corner to enter the login page.

(iii) Bind your social trading

Click the upper right corner — Personal Center to enter the profile settings.

1.Click “Edit Profile” to upload your avatar and set your user nickname.

2.Click “Add Live” to add the API key. The instruction is as followed (You can also click “How to use API key” to read the instruction.

How to add your social trading with Deribit read-only API key?

(iv) Subscribe to others’ social trading

Click the top of the home page — “Social Trading Plaza”, you can view all the social trading users’ information. You can search for user nickname or social market name in the top right corner and click the button on the right to subscribe.

There is a scroll bar on the right side, you can scroll and pull to the bottom, click on load more to see all the social trading users.

(v) Social Trading Display Page

Click on the corresponding social trading user and enter the social trading display page of the user.

The display page includes the following contents.

1.PnL Trend charts

Includes PnL Trend, Total PnL in different currency (USD-based and coin-based).

2. Social trading Information

Includes total net worth, option Greeks, margin data, etc.

3. Position and order information

You can show your position and order information to the public/subscribers/only to yourself.

4. Subscribe and share buttons

Note that the Subscribe button here refers to the subscriptions on the social trading website.

5. Subscribe others’ position adjustment notifications by Telegram bot

We also support another subscription method, i.e. using the Telegram bot to automatically receive notifications of position adjustments on the social trading to which you are subscribed.

The specific subscription method is as follows.

Open Personal Center-Security, and click the Subscribe button to the right of Subscribe to Telegram Notification.

First, click the Copy button.

Second, click Send and paste the content to Greeks Bot.

(vi) Social Trading Information Settings

The Social Trading information setting section will be displayed after you have added one, the page is as follows.

Left side: social trading switch and display page

In addition to the regular contents of the social trading display page, there are several buttons.

1.Switch button: Click the small triangle to switch between several social trading you have added.

2.Add button: Click Add to add a new social trading.

3.Reset Social Trading Data button:

After clicking this button, all the historical PnL curve of your social trading will be cleared and re-record from this moment, and the historical PnL curve will not be recovered, so please confirm carefully.

After clicking this button, it will take about 1 hour for the data to be displayed again.

Right side: Live trading information setting section

1.Set Social Trading Name

2.Set Social Trading Signature

3.Set Social Trading Currency: Select the currency you want to display.

4.Set Permissions: i.e. visibility range settings.

a. Social Trading Display: whether to display your social trading in the Social Trading Plaza list.

b. Total Return: choose whether your yield information will be public, visible only to subscribers or visible only to yourself.

c. Net worth: choose whether your net worth data will be public, visible only to subscribers or visible only to yourself.

d. Exposure Information: Choose whether your margin i nformation will be made public, visible only to subscribers, or visible only to yourself.

e. Position Information: Choose whether your position information will be public, visible only to subscribers or visible only to yourself.

f. Order Filled Information: choose whether your order transaction information will be public, visible only to subscribers or visible only to yourself.

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