Greeks.Live Web Service Int’l Version is Now Online!

We are proud to announce after months of development that the international version of Greeks.Live Web service is now available to our clients worldwide.

You may visit to access this service.

The login will be done through OAuth, i.e. a callback from Deribit authorization or use of an API Key.

Let me introduce some special tools we have brought to the crypto options trading community.

1. One click Delta hedge

This is a popular feature welcomed by the trading community in our Greeks.Live mobile phone application. Now it is available in our web service.

With the help of this tool, traders could easily adjust Delta Total of their positions to the desired target number.

We support delta hedge for both BTC standard and USD standard.

With target delta set as zero, hedge under BTC standard will bring the Delta Total to zero, and that under USD standard will bring the Delta Total to a value equal to the negative number of equity (so that the USD value of Equity won’t change along with BTC price fluctuations).

Traders could choose to hedge it under taker mode or maker mode.

Under taker mode, the trade will be executed using market order and the order will be filled immediately.

Under maker mode, the trade will be posted as limit order to the market. We showed the open order under the UI here, so that traders could judge whether similar orders have been placed multiple times.

One click Delta hedge is a great tool that enables faster trading without error.

2. Equity shows in USD value

A considerable number of traders are concerned about the USD value of their holdings.

Here at Greeks.Live, we provide easy-to-see USD value of traders’ equities to help traders have a sense of the fiat value of their stakes.

3. Standardized Vega

For traders who are concerned about their Vega exposure, especially when it comes to multiple expiries, a good way to evaluate Vega exposure is to standardize it to a time frame before comparing or adding up Vega from all expiries.

On Greeks.Live web, you may see 1m standardized Vega in the Greeks table, the vega number with golden figure. This will give traders better estimates of Vega risk for multi-expiry option strategies.

4. Chase and One Click Chase

When a trader has multiple open orders and wishes to adjust the price to advance the order in the order book queue, how should he/she do? First, the trader should take a look at the option price table and take notes of what prices are quoted for the best bid or best offer. Then he/she should come back to his/her open orders and edit the price one by one — the trader needs to watch carefully to prevent any mistake. What a process!

On Greeks.Live, the trader can simply click “Chase” in the open order sector to advance his/her buy/sell order to best bid or best offer price, whether it be an open order priced in BTC, USD or IV.

If the trader has multiple open orders, he/she can use “One Click Chase” on the upper part of the Open Order page. After clicking, all open option orders will move to best bid or best ask price.

5. Greeks IV Overview for BTC and ETH

Click menu icon in upper left conner of Greeks.Live web page. Scroll down, and you will see some interesting features there, such as Auto DDH, PositionBuilder. Here I would like to specifically introduce IV Overview.

You may have a good idea of how the Implied Volatility of BTC and ETH fluctuates over time from this feature.

As shown in Pic 7, the page shows IV of 1m/3m/6m terms over time. It can give traders an immediate grasp of what is going on in the volatility market, without going into too many details of checking every page of option quotes.

On this page, traders may also see IV term structure, skew and 3D IV Overview (a good tool to show off to non-option trading communities).

We hope you enjoy our new service. And we look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Liang


February 22, 2021

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