How to Login APP and Web with API Key

(i) Get Deribit API ID and API Key

Go to and login your account. Open the menu bar at the top right corner and select My Account/Settings/Transaction Log to enter the menu page.

In the image below, find the Api in the menu expand page and click on it.

Figure 1 Enter the API page in the menu bar

Step 2

Click “Add a new key”.

Figure 2 Add a new key

Step 3

Adjust the permissions:

account: read

trade: read_write

Others such as block trade, wallet, custody can be kept as none.

Name can contain only letters, numbers and underscores with no spaces.

Figure 3 API Key settings

For those who have IT knowledge, I recommend using IP Whitelist, which can reduce the risk of password leakage and harm. For those who are not sure how to set it, just leave it blank.

The generated API key is shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Generated API Key

The following is a column-by-column explanation of the above figure.

Client Id: user code.

Client Secret: the secret key.

To the right of the secret key, there is a small button for copying.

The meaning of each Actions:

QR Code: Show the password in the form of QR code for APPs that support scanning code, such as APP.

Reset Secret: Do not change the user code, only reset the key once.

Change Scope: Change the permission of the API key.

Change name: Change the nickname of the API key.

Change Whitelisted IPs: Change the IP whitelist address.

Remove Key: Remove the API key.

Use in API console: The function that can be used in the API console for programmers to call.

(ii) APP for API login

First enter APP home page and select Login using API.

Figure 5 Greeks APP login homepage

There are two ways for API log in.

Figure 6 Greeks APP log in – using API key and QR Code

API password log in: enter Use API Login, enter Client ID and Client Secret into the corresponding dialog box. Click Login, and you are done.

QR Code scanning log in: After entering the QR Code scanning login, you can scan the QR Code of API in Deribit page on PC (i.e. QR Code in the previous section Actions) to access your account.

(iii) Web API Log in

On the homepage of the web version, click “Login by API Key”.

Figure 7 Web using API login – 1

Enter Client ID and Client Secret, click “Login”.

Figure 8 Web using API login – 2

(iv) Tips

Please note that the API generated by the main account can be used to switch accounts to sub-accounts.

The API generated by the sub-account can only control the sub-account.

Don’t put the API Key in your cloud drive, and don’t save the API QR code image in the cloud sync album.

Delete unneeded API keys, thus reducing the exposure to attacks.

Reset your API keys regularly.

Please note: will not store any of your API key information. You are solely responsible for the secure use of your API keys.




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